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CS - 525 Compression Seal Gasket

CS - 525 Compression Seal Gasket

Our "Compression Seal" gasket is second to none.

This proprietary gasket was designed and engineered in house to meet the needs of today's high horsepower supercharged engines. It starts out with high quality graphite coated material bound to an expanded steel core. Each port is then "fire ringed" on both sides with copper. The copper fire ring not only serves to better seal the port but also provides better heat transfer between mating surfaces. The key to better sealing though is the copper fire ring makes the gasket approximately .040" thicker around the ports therefore focusing the compression provided by tightening the bolts to the ports where it is needed. This also helps seal the header to the head in cases where there is a slight bit of warpage in the header flange. Proper alignment over each port is accomplished by the use of alignment holes. One hole on either end of the gasket as well as one center hole are designed as alignment holes. These three holes are cut smaller in diameter than the rest of the holes and are designed to have these bolts installed first providing perfect alignment in relation to the port. (sold in pairs)

Part Number: CS-525

(This part number fits the Edelbrock bolt pattern used on the 525 Efi, 600 SCI, and 700 SCI engines)

Price: $90 (pair)

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