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Dave Beich

American Hi-Tek Inc. was incorporated in Arizona, in 2002 by Owner / President David Beich. Originally founded as a marketing means for marine exhaust systems, recently, American Hi-Tek has expanded and is not only involved with Performance Marine Exhaust but also various marine as well as truck accessories. As the name suggests, our company recognizes the need for American companies to keep Americans working by having our manufacturing done within the U.S. Therefore, all of our products are designed and manufactured within our borders.

David Beich was born and raised in Illinois. From a very early age David was involved with boating, fishing, and performance cars and boats with his family. After graduating with an engineering degree and moving to Tempe Arizona in 1986 with his family, he worked for 20+ years as a field engineer in the automotive diagnostics industry. Wanting to explore his entrepreneurial strengths, he started American Hi-Tek Inc. in 2002.

Currently the focus of American Hi-Tek is to take the company to a new level, launching new product lines, as well as putting a major focus on Networking with other industry leaders,Marketing, and getting Media Exposure for our new exciting line of products.

With American Hi Tek you get state of the art products that are not only functional but incorporate an innovative aspect that differentiates them from the competition. American innovation and quality is demonstrated in every product.

When a customer calls American Hi-Tek they can feel assured that whether they have a technical engineering question about a product, or a simple inquiry about what shows or events we will be attending that they will have their questions answered promptly and in a professional and friendly manner.

All "American Hi Tek" brand
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