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Bravo III Prop Wrench

Bravo III Prop Wrench

Bravo III Prop Wrench

Not all Prop Wrenches are created equal!!!

This Bravo III Prop Wrench is exceptional

Industrial quality at a great price

With the Popularity of the Mercruiser Bravo III drive, there needed to be a prop removal tool that was functional, compact, easy to use, as well as well built and able to stand up to the rigors of a professional service facility.

You asked for it we built it…..

Having a 2-¾" socket welded to one end, and a 1-7/16" socket welded on the other, there's no longer a need to search for the correct size wrenches. This new wrench is built to last a life time no matter if used by a professional mechanic or by a weekend boat owner.

An American made product, constructed to last a lifetime, this product comes with a life time warranty.

Price: $90.00 plus $13.00 shipping

Bravo III Prop Wrench view 1

Bravo III Prop Wrench view 2

Bravo III Prop Wrench view 3

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